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big oh cd technology daemons ip 4 addresses ip 6 addresses nand and nor password security steve jobs:
an appreciation
subnet masks test the strength
of your password
unix web design xor


a 9/11 story chronic fatigue fifty-something
& unemployed
fudakowski-krajewski family
(leaving cactuspear)
haight-ashbury days is the cellar up or down? 'it gets better' campaign a lawrenceville story:
lessons our daddies taught us
looking for biological children mad after krishna
(leaving planet earth)
mining copper notes
on robert lifton's memoir
a random walk
with asperger's syndrome:
my developmental journey
a reading list sexual harassment
in graduate school
smoke signals
from the land
of no appointments:
a memoir
of the psychedelic sixties
tears of freshman year:
the gloves are off
trains & kings: a dream to michelle a trip to new york walking


euphemisms on writing oxymorons redundancies


compound interest the continuum euler's formula euler's identity fermat's little theorem fundamental theorem
of arithmetic
growth rate
of functions
induction infinite sets infinities largest prime mersenne primes modulo 3 natural numbers nonprime numbers playing cards probabilities a problem involving π pythagorean theorem race horses rationals & irrationals reciprocals of primes rolling dice russell's paradox six degrees tessellation proof
of pythagorean theorem
zero to the zero


country vs rock tal wilkenfeld tuning


aquatic park baker beach
in early fall
baker beach north
in late fall
berkeley campus berkeley hills berkeley vandalism bonita avenue brick wall
near minna st
buckyball sculpture ceiling fan chinatown concrete block wall crissy field de young museum deer
on panoramic way
el cerrito library:
tradition of resistance
fort mason golden gate bridge hope crane japanese tea garden
king tide lincoln boulevard marina yacht harbor market street mezzo  we're open! mushrooms
on channing way
ohlone greenway saturn cafe seawall
near crissy field
andy warhol
political posters
rené magritte
rfk's last journey
st francis yacht club summer of love
trump rally
in berkeley
on photography
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